Say hello to the #INSTAPRINTA

Instagram (or Twitter) + our black box = Insta Printa

Our unique Insta Printa allows your guests to instantly and automatically print their Instagram or Twitter photos.

Guests use Instagram/Twitter as per usual, and by using your normal event hash tag, have their photos printed automatically.

Shoot • Tag • Print

It really is as simple as that.

Almost one in 5 people on the planet have either Instagram or Twitter installed on their phone, so there’s a great chance your guests will be geared up to go with the software they already have.

Each photo can be customised to include your name, wedding date, company logo, event details… whatever you like… We can even help you design it.

The Insta Printa is a phenomenal way to engage your guests, spread your brand, share the love or promote your product. We live in a digital age, but people go crazy for a physical print.

  • Get your guests involved in your event
  • Digital photos are great, but printed photos are so much better
  • Guests get a physical memory to take home
  • Get more photos of your event
  • Spread your brand further
  • Use it as a DIY photo booth