What is Insta Printa?

Instagram + our black box = Insta Printa

Our unique Insta Printa allows your guests to instantly and automatically print their Instagram photos.

Guests use Instagram as per usual, and by using a unique event hash tag, have their photos printed automatically.

Each photo can be customised to include your name, wedding date, company logo, event details… whatever you like… We can even help you design it.

How it works.

  • Guests take photos using Instagram, per the usual way
  • Photos are tagged using an Insta Printa event hash tag
  • Photos are uploaded to Instagram
  • 30 seconds later, the image prints out on our Insta Printa at your event
  • Guests collect their Instagram prints
  • The image is added to the live slideshow
  • The image is automatically “liked”
  • Everyone is astonished

Why you need it.

Aside from the fact that people think it’s the best thing since sliced bread…..

  • It gets your guests involved in your event
  • Digital photos are great, but printed photos are 10 x better
  • Guests get a physical memory to take home
  • You end up with more photos of your event
  • For companies / organisations, it helps spread your brand further
  • Use it as a DIY photo booth